Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the phone number to reach the Tuhaye Home Owners Association office?
A:  The Tuhaye HOA office number is 435-333-3700.

Q:  What do my Tuhaye HOA annual assessment dues pay for?
A:  The Tuhaye HOA annual assessment is due January 1st of each year and covers snow removal on all Tuhaye roads to include maintenance of the roads, maintenance crews and equipment, the Gate House, common area landscaping and private security patrols.

Q:  Where do I send my Tuhaye HOA annual assessment payments?
A:  PO Box 99, Kamas, UT 84036

Q:  Can I pay my Tuhaye HOA dues by credit card?
A:  Yes, we accept Visa and Master Card.  Call our HOA Accountant  at 435-333-3700 to make a payment.